Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Semester 2; Assignment 1.

Our first assignment of semester 2 is all about snooping. Over Christmas we were asked to either collect a few unposed photos of ourselves between the ages of 13-20 or to take photos of our room, without tidying up first. When back at uni everyone was assigned partners who we were to exchange photos with. The idea is that we don't know our partner and we were to try and figure out the type of person our partner is just by snooping at their photos. We were also not allowed to meet up with our partners until we had done the first part of this assignment (snooping at their photos). While I was at home I didn't manage to find any unposed photos of myself from the age 13 onwards, this meant I had to take photos of my room. My partner Megan gave me all photos of herself so I think it will be quite good to see how different our assumptions are just because we are using different types of photos. Whether it is easier to determine someones personality from their room or from photos of themselves.
I actually found this assignment quite hard to get into and had to study the photos for quite a while, but once I got started I managed to get into the swing of things. I found that the book "Snoop" by Sam Gosling, that our lecturer had set for us over Christmas helped a lot. It told you what sort of things to ignore and what ones to pick up on. If I hadn't had read this book beforehand I would have found the assignment a lot more difficult. I really enjoyed this assignment and I'm looking forward to reading what Megan thought my room said about me.

My partner Megan gave me 10 unposed photos of herself when she was younger, I'm guessing ranging from maybe around the age 12 or so, but she could have been younger, to maybe a year or 2 ago. In quite a few of the photos she is with her friends, mostly the same one who I assume might have been her best friend as they look quite close. Megan and her friends are wearing similar clothes in most of the photos, same styles and colours, which could mean she is influenced by her friends or they are influenced by her. In one photo she is wearing the same necklace as her friend and they also have similar braids in their hair, this backs up what I said before. Megan's photos also show her wearing pink quite a lot which could may have been her favourite colour when she was younger, but it also could have been that's just what her mum bought her. As I have said before most of the photos Megan gave me she is with her friends which suggests she is a friendly and sociable person. She also seems very relaxed with her friends, this is shown in the few photos taken in her living room. Megan also comes across as a cheerful person as she looks happy in the all the photos she has given me. 
In some of the photos I had looked at there was quite a few different animals present. In 2 she is playing with dogs, in another Megan and her friend are playing with a cat and in another couple of the photos there is a fish tank present in the background.All of the animals may not be hers but it looks like Megan does like them and she could be an animal person. When with the dogs she is photographed outside, this could mean she also likes to spend time outdoors. Backing this up is another few photos of her visiting a beach and outside in a garden playing with a ball and racket.
There is also a few photos in which Megan is in lively or action poses which shows she likes to have fun. Another photo that shows this is true is of her and her friend and they appear to have drawn on each others faces, in this photo they are laughing which shows they are having a good time.

For part 2 of the assignment I met up with Megan to discuss what we had managed to figure out about one another from our photos. I wasn't sure how I had done but Megan informed me that I had gotten her almost spot on. I had even managed to spot some things in her photos that she hadn't even noticed.
Megan told me what she thought my photos said about me, and I have to say she managed to describe me nearly exactly. She got that I am a happy person and that I'm quite girly, she was also spot on about my "organised clutter" in my room. She got that I'm quite sentimental too as I have a lot of old possesions from my childhood on show on my shelves. I found that Megan was very successful in describing my personality. I believe that photos of someones room are a lot more helpful when distinguishing their personality rather than old photos of themselves, as a room has many objects that can be used to display a persons character. Therefore I think I would have found out more about Megan if I had photos of her room as she was a lot more successful in describing my personality as she managed to get a lot more information from my room.

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