Sunday, 7 November 2010

Assignment 2b: Discussion / 2c: Thinking

I met up with my brainstorming group for lunch today to begin our discussion about the ideas we came up with last week. We looked into more detail about how the power of context related to design in a number of ways. I had chosen to look more into detail at the "Broken Windows Theory" and how it could be pursued. I thought about how this theory is used around us in the world today, that it just isn't used within the subways but all over the place.

Back home where I live there is lots of housing estate developments happening. The "Broken Windows Theory" is all around us and we just dont notice it. The cleaning up of urban areas is making places a lot nicer to live in. Where I live now used to be an old school that had been shut down for many years. They demolished it all and now there is a large housing estate. They have also now knocked down the high rise flats nearby and are in the process of building new houses just across the road. Where I live was once referred to as scummy and not a very nice place to live but its moving up. It's attracting more and more people to live there.

Below I have hopefully summarised all of my thought processes throughout this assignment into a poster. One that shows how my specified chapter "The Power of Context" relates to design.

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