Friday, 5 November 2010

Make Things Make Sense.

In today's lecture we had a guest speaker, Hazel White. She spoke about jewellery design, how she personally went about her projects and other designers and their work. There was a particular piece of hers that I found really interesting. It was the "Hamefarers Kist".
This particular piece was developed after Hazel came back from a visit to Shetland. It was a piece that incorporated both technology and beautiful handcrafted objects.An iPhone was integrated into the box and rfid technology embedded into small knitted cushions. So when the cushions passed in front of the iPhone photos were shown up on the screen. Another great thing about this piece was that each cushion in the box could relate to a different person, therefore showing different photos and memories. It is said that it is like a more modern type of memory box.
I think the "Hamefarers Kist" is an amazing piece because it is so easy to use. Older and younger people can both use it as its so basic. The iPhone embedded in the box is also a single use device which means people wont get distracted with emailing, texting or calling others, it is focused on only the photos on-screen and the memories held within each photo.

Video of the "Hamefarers Kist".

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